Printable envelope templates DIY paper crafts

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Not so long ago I introduced printable envelope templates in my shop. They are designed for 4″ x 6″ inches cards (they are actually 4,25″ x 6,25″).

I decided to make them 4″ x 6″ because their template can fit on a 8,5″ x 11″ standard paper. (For 5″ x 7″, I would have to place the template on 2 paper files and you would have to glue it together.)

Printable envelope template

One of the best sellers of these printable envelope templates is my pastel and gold glitter set. It is very elegant and chic and it comes in pastel colors that are popular in the wedding word.

6 different color is included in this DIY paper craft set, as you can see here:

Printable envelope templatesThese printable envelopes are very easy to make. All you need is a printer, scissors and glue. Just print the templates out, all, or just the color you need, cut them around the lines, fold and glue the little “ears” in. This is how your template looks like when you print it:

Printable envleope template DIY paper craftsYou can print them on any paper, but 298 gsm (110 lb) card stock paper is a good choice.

Terms: these are for personal use, reselling the final product in any way is not allowed.

They are available here: Printable envelope template, gold glitter, pastel.

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