Bottle cap images for floral alphabet jewelry

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I would like to share my newest designs with you!

Personalized jewelry is very popular, from full names and quotes to monograms and dates. This is why I designed these bottle cap images with beautiful, boho floral borders and letters.

If you create bottle cap jewelry, you will find these useful for sure! But you can also make envelope seals, small magnets, cupcake toppers and other creative DIY projects with these bottle cap images. You can also sell your creations, since small commercial license is included in the price!

In each pack you will get 26 alphabet letters, in 2 sizes: 1″ inch circles and 1,5″ inch circles.

You can easily print them and cut them out with paper punches or scissors and you’re ready to craft!:)

Click on these images to see the fill description and more pics in my Etsy shop!

Bottle cap images -

Alphabet bottle cap images -

Gold monogram jewelry supply DIY by

Purple floral bottle cap images jewelry making - http://www.printberrydesigns.comSo which one is your favorite? If you create something beautiful with these, please let me know and I will share it here and on my social media sites!

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